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A Change for the Better

Making the switch to Digitel Systems Hosted digital phone service is fast and easy. In no time at all, you'll be on your way to superior phone service and saving hundreds-even thousands-of dollars on your monthly phone bill.

Here's how it works. Your account and phone number will be activated immediately, so you can make and receive calls right away. You can also customize your auto attendant and answering rules quickly and easily through your very own online administrative portal.

Many customers wish to port over their existing phone numbers. This process may take up to 2 weeks, but we can manage this in parallel while you're using our service.

Before You Make the Move

Before making the switch to digital phone service, we encourage you to evaluate your office network and calling needs. Your Digitel Systems Phone Specialist will assist with the following:

  • Pre-qualify your Business Network for our service. A Digitel Systems Technical Specialist will walk you through a site survey and validate that your network is "VoIP ready." If you need Internet access or on-site assistance, we'll recommend a provider to set up your network. (Digitel Systems does not handle on-site support because we believe a local provider can deliver the highest quality at a better price.)
  • Determine Equipment Needs. We recommend that you purchase your hardware through us - with Digitel Systems you'll get pre-configured phones that will boot up with plug-and-play simplicity. Any hardware you order through us will arrive within 2 to 3 business days. Pre-configured IP phones and QoS routers ensure high quality and reliability. 
    • Phones - Choose from an assortment of quality IP phones. All phones purchased through Digitel Systems are supported at no cost. Learn more
    • QoS routers -Depending on the number of simultaneous calls you make and the upload/download speeds of your internet connection, you could benefit from a Digitel Systems certified networking device (QoS router). QoS routers shape the traffic on your IP network and prioritize your voice traffic to deliver business-class call quality. In addition, this device allows you and/or Digitel Systems to troubleshoot issues. Learn more.

Still Have Questions?

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about making the move to all-digital Phone Service. Click here to request a call from one of our experienced VoIP Specialists.