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Phones and Equipment

Can I use my own VoIP equipment with Digitel Systems’s service?

Yes. However, we recommend using Digitel Systems's certified equipment to ensure ease of use and call quality. Our handsets are fully configured and ready to use the moment you receive them. We also offer cost-effective, easy-to-deploy converged networking routers. A Digitel Systems representative can tell you whether or not you need additional hardware.

Do you offer equipment leasing?

Yes. We have several leasing options to make it easier for customers to realize the benefits of hosted digital phone service. Contact an Digitel Systems representative to learn more.

Do you provide virtual faxing services?

Yes. You can send and receive faxes free with your Digitel Systems service. Faxes are received in PDF format and can be automatically sent to your e-mail. You can also log into the Digitel Systems web interface to retrieve and send faxes.

Do you support physical fax machines?

Yes—with the use of an ATA (analog telephone adapter). The only ATA certified for use with Digitel Systems is the Linksys SPA 2102, which we sell and support via auto-configuration. We configure the ATA for T.38 support to provide reliable fax transmission.

How do I report a problem I’m having with an Digitel Systems service or device?

To report a problem, please contact Digitel Systems Support:

What is the difference between analog and IP phones?

Analog phones ...

  • Use circuit switching network
  • Are the traditional phones found in stores
  • Send and receive calls over standard phone lines
  • Offer simple features for basic needs
  • Do not usually have specific buttons for call functions

IP phones ...

  • Transmit voice conversations over a data network using IP protocol
  • Use a single network that is not phone-specific to transmit voice and data
  • Are portable and can be used locally or remotely
  • Retain custom settings
  • Offer advanced features