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Getting Started

Can I keep my existing phone number(s)?

Yes! Thanks to Local Number Portability, you can keep your existing phone numbers or range of numbers. When you purchase Digitel Systems's Business Service, please indicate that you wish to keep your numbers. The porting process usually takes 5 to 10 business days for your numbers to be released by your current phone company.

Do you have rollover numbers or ring groups?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of inbound calls your account can support. Calls can be forwarded to a group of users. After ringing those users, calls can either stay on hold until someone is available or be routed to voicemail. Digitel Systems can incorporate both desktops and mobile phones into ring groups to provide maximum flexibility for managing inbound calls.

How do I get started with Digitel Systems’s Digital Business Service?

It's easy to get started! Just contact a Digitel Systems Phone Specialist for a Business Needs Consultation. They will help you:

  • evaluate cost savings and productivity-increasing features
  • review your network configuration and current needs
  • recommend any needed system changes or enhancements

How many phone lines do I get?

There is no limit on the number of inbound or outbound calls your system can receive. Your package will isially depend on how many concurrent calls you would like the system to handle.

How much Internet bandwidth do I need?

The answer depends on how many users you have, how many simultaneous calls are made per location, and your level of Internet usage. A company with ten users who are always on the phone will need more bandwidth than a company with ten users who are only sporadically on the phone. A Digitel Systems specialist can help you determine what type of Internet connection you will need to best support your Digitel Systems service.

How much technical skill is required?

None. We will set up everything. However, for the more technically savvy, our support staff will provide ttutorial that lets your staff easily manage their communications. We designed our service so that customers don't need consultants or technical staff in order to use it.

What charges will be made to my credit card each month?

Each month, you will be billed a monthly service fee, any applicable toll charges, and applicable fees (Regulatory Recovery Fee, E911 Service Fee, State 911 Service Fee and Universal Service Fund).

What do I need to use Digitel Systems’s hosted service?

You need just two things:

1. Broadband Connection—A broadband (high speed internet) connection is required. This can be through a cable modem, a high speed service such as DSL or a local area network. You manage your account settings through your web browser.

2. IP Phone or Analog Phone—IP phones plug directly into your broadband connection and operate like a traditional phone. Digitel Systems sells a range of business-grade handsets that are certified and pre-configured—so you can take advantage of our "plug and play" solution.

What software do I need to install?

None! Digitel Systems's VoIP is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. We "host" the application on our computer system—all you need is internet access. Log into your Digitel Systems account and you can easily set up and access your company information and personal messages. (If you'd like to integrate with Outlook, there is one quick download to install.)

What support services are available?

Many of our customers choose Digitel Systems because they don't have the resources in-house to manage a sophisticated phone system. That's why we designed our web-based application to be self-service. You can manage your account online without having to call or request technical assistance. If you do need help, our technical support staff is available to review your local area network and provide consulting or advisory services.

What type of payment options will I have?

We offer automatic payment options through credit card or checking/savings account.

Will my existing phone service be interrupted during Digitel Systems installation?

No. Digitel Systems uses your existing broadband service, so installation does not affect your current phone service. If you are ordering a completely new number, there will be no impact on your current service. If you are keeping your old number, we will work with you to minimize any impact.